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To watch a video you have to pay 1 EURO, for each video you want to see.
Payment is made via credit card or debit card, whether VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTER CARD, CB (BLUE CARD), POSTEPAY, AMERICAN EXPRESS.

Payment is 100% secure and forunit by the company MONELIB - VIVA MULTIMEDIA SARL, 60/62 rue de Wattignies 75012 Paris France. Company specializing in secure online payments

After verifying and validating the payment, you can directly access the video you want to view. In a few seconds you are redirected to the payment validation page and then to the video.
In case of problem you are redirected to a page that will give you the reason for the refusal of the payment or the problem you had at the time of payment
Yes you can contact customer support via the following contact form Customer Support Customer support will answer you as soon as possible and in their opening hours.
No re-payment is possible after paying to watch a video. This is because you have immediate access to the video. We have a system that does a check between the payment and the visoring of the video. Video pay and video viewed and therefore not refunded.
We do not store any of your personal information or your payment information on our servers and on the website. The payment data is transmitted to the online payment service and is encrypted in 256 bits by an encryption algorithm. We only store a unique session token key ID to redirect you to the video you paid. And only if you paid for it and your payment went to a good end.